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Racing Team Services

SEVO Racing Team (SRT) is a Karting team based in North Georgia. The core members of the team have driven and raced everything from karts to Sprint Cars, with a family history of drivers in Sprint Cars and Midgets. The Shuman family has been racing for over 40+ years. The goal of the team is to promote our partners and focus on young driver development.

We are currently looking for Chassis and Engine partners to help the team develop the North GA area and increase activity in the Karting scene.


Driver Development includes many aspects beyond just driving techniques. We have been there and understand that racing is a mindset that includes mental and physical toughness. We also provide advice and feedback on how drivers should present themselves, how to conduct themselves on and off the track, and in the end how to attract sponsors.


Our focus is to improve our driver's technical approachto lower lap times and make the right decisions on the track. This includes imparting our years of racing experience and knowledge to not only get the most out of the kart, but to assist with career paths, and other areas of concern for the driver.


Development happens with the driver, kart, and mechanic all on the same level and working together to create low lap times. SEVO provides the experience and expertise to create a winning combination for team members with kart setup, mechanic services, and engineering experience to get there most out of the kart. 


Physical fitness is an area often overlooked by new drivers. To get the most out of the driver, they must be at a certain physical standard. We understand and promote physical and mental fitness for our drivers.


Utilizing the best onboard kart data system, the Mychron Data Logger can accurately build the driver's laps into a practical graph that can be analyzed on a computer. This increases the opportunity of gaining additional speed throughout a lapping session

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